Masonwabe Mhambi


Adv. Mhambi is a highly organized and motivated advocate who has been running an independent practice since 2014 with the Johannesburg Society of Advocates. With nine years of experience as a practicing advocate, Adv. Mhambi has demonstrated a high level of autonomy and responsibility in delivering legal services of the highest standard to numerous South African firms. The quality of work produced by Adv. Mhambi is a source of pride, and he is known for the passion he puts into his work.

One significant milestone in Adv. Mhambi’s career was his admission to the Grahamstown Eastern Cape Division of the High Court as an attorney on 15 May 2006. Following this, he practiced as an attorney until removing himself from the roll of attorneys in order to be admitted as an advocate in January 2014. Completing pupillage from January to October 2014, Adv. Mhambi joined the Johannesburg Bar on 1 November 2014.

With a total of 16 years of experience as an attorney and counsel, Adv. Mhambi has gained extensive practical experience in High Court litigation. He has appeared regularly in the High Court, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, and Supreme Court of Appeal. Adv. Mhambi’s expertise in these courts is demonstrated by their willingness to provide all his judgments if necessary.

To further enhance his legal knowledge and expertise, Adv. Mhambi obtained an LLM in Labour Law from the University of Pretoria in 2014. Additionally, in 2022, he registered for his second LLM in Insolvency Law. On 2 April 2023, Adv. Mhambi submitted his research for this degree.

Driven by a desire to tackle stimulating legal matters, Adv. Mhambi looks forward to continuing to develop and refine his corporate legal skills. His experience, qualifications, and dedication make him an exceptional legal professional capable of delivering exceptional results.

Civil Litigation

Commercial Law

Corporate Law & Corporate Governance

Constitutional and Criminal Litigation

Employment Law

General Litigation

Insolvency Inquiries

Law of Contract

Malpractice (medical negligence)

  • Roering and Another NNO v Mahlangu (581/2015) [2016] ZASCA 79 (30 May 2016) (Enquiry in terms of sections 417 and 418 of the Companies Act 61 of 1973)
  • Nwafor v The Minister of Home Affairs and Others Case Number: 66844/2016) (Immigration Act)
  • MG Malaka v Department of Justice and Constitutional Development & Others Case Number: JA109/2017 (Unfair dismissal)
  • Nwafor v The Minister of Home Affairs and Others (1363/2019) [2021] ZASCA 58 (Immigration Act)
  • Distell v Director General: Department of Labour & Another Case Number: 22806/19 (Section 91 of COIDA)
  • Mzikayise Shakespeare Binza v Walter Sisulu University & Another Case Number: P19/2020 (Unfair suspension)
  • Lodewyk de Jager v The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services & Others Case Number: 31715/2020 (Judicial independent immunity)
  • African Transformation Movement v The Speaker of the National Assembly and Others (Case no 643/2021) [2021] ZASCA 164 (The rationality of the decision of the speaker in respect of secret ballot)
  • The Minister of Police v Zakhele Manyoni Case Number: A5067/2021Gauteng Full Bench (Unlawful arrest and detention)
  • Compensation Commissioner v Badenhorst (CA 38/2021) [2022] ZAECGHC 1; (2022) 43 ILJ 1144 (ECG) (25 January 2022) (Section 91(5) of COIDA appeal Full Bench)
  • Barvellen Convenience CC v Intrax 28 investment & Others Case Number: 21/3715 (Commercial Eviction)
  • Intrax 28 investment v City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan & Others Case Number: 17368/21 (Review application in terms of PAJA)
  • Member of the Executive Council for the Department of Human Settlements, Gauteng v Bobworth Investment Propriety Limited (A5042/2020 ; 2018/23489) [2023] ZAGPJHC 517 (19 May 2023) full bench appeal.

LLB - University of Fort Hare

  • 2001 - 2004

School for Legal Practice- East London

  • JAN 2005 to JUN 2005

LLM in Labour Law – University of Pretoria

  • 2013 – 2014
  • Research topic: Application and implementation of affirmative action at workplace. Available online

LLM in Insolvency Law – University of Pretoria

  • 2022 – 2023
  • Research topic: impact of section 25 of the constitution on the insolvency law. Not yet available online

LLD in Insolvency Law - University of Pretoria

  • Application is pending-2024.